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InSiteful Solutions now offers content writing services for small businesses who want to get big! These businesses most include an organic Search optimization plan within their overall marketing plan. “You can never make or re-make a first impression.” That’s why it is so important for you to consider professional content writing for your main pages. For small businesses this is usually 6-8 pages such as the Home Page plus Services (specializes), Pricing, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, Blog or similar with optimally 500- 600 words a page, key word rich.

Website Content
Flawless and professional content is a basic must to be found in Google. It becomes the basis on which you are not only found, but reviewed and hopefully re-trained for services or products. This content is critical for being “found” by Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines for rankings. At InSiteful Solutions, we know you want to reach Page One of Google.
–Custom writing based and created together with your personal affect for business (traditional, high-end, hometown friendly, service, freshness)
–Language that is professional, factual and grammatically suitable for your digital business
–We listen to your ideas and pitch them to your industry

SEO Content
If you don’t already know, you will eventually find out that precise, deliberate content writing is a persistent need in order to be “found” by Google and for continued spikes in ranking that lead your website to the top. Good organics such as writing is not a quick  fix, but will help your business over time achieve your higher results.

Let our team run, assess, analyze, revise, test, recommend and report findings, progress and leave your site Search Engine optimized. We will prove it.

Keyword Research and Analysis
Back-end SEO Integration
Design Refresh
Optimization of Blog—including installation of proper plugins
Revision of existing web copy, including conversion optimization

SEO Blogs ( SEO Article)
Want to easily drive more traffic to your website? One of the best ways is to use what Google considers “new”, “fresh”, and “unique”. That means your articles preferable need to be original, creative prose. Don’t like writing much? Get a professional writer.
Interview of Client Needs
Review Suggestions
Prepare Articles
Load onto Website

Landing Pages
Shoppers don’t always land on your home page or know about your specific website, especially if they use pay per click advertising. They must do a general word or terminology search or search by need and locale. That’s why your Landing Page must grab their attention quickly and favorably…and so you surely know that browsers really do “judge a book by its cover.” End their search with your Landing Page.
“Look at Me” Landing Pages
Deliberate SEO keywords and repetition
Custom Writing
Visual Impact—favorable and attractive
Tailored Scope and Scale

Branding Strategy
Products, Services, Business professionals and more need to promote through branding. Branding gets your noticed, sets you apart from the rest and needs to be memorable. This requires an up-front sense of distinctness by the business owner and web company team to deliver the inventory array destined for buyer loyalty.
Business Concept Integration
Logo Design—original or re-design
Artwork and Clip Art
Stationery and Accessories

Directory Submission
On-line Directories Accessed
Increased Back-links

NEW Websites (“Start-from-Scratch”)
Getting Acquainted—You, your business, the industry, Our Team
SEO Keyword Research
Back-End Optimization
Research and Writing
Social Media
SEO Rankings Reports (longtitudinal)

Press Releases
Is your business or practice ready to release big news, promote a new service, product, or division; announce new personnel, send an advertisement or coupon; sponsor an event? Try a Press Release that will spead the information far and wide including print media, emarketing, chamber of commerce, B2B, networking and facebook. Suitable for authors and editors who may wish to print in their blogs, newsletters, columns.
Information Gathering
Writing, Editing, Style

Website “Refresh”
Website “Refresh”
Maybe your current website simply needs to be refreshed through an update of copy content or facts, graphics, pictures, or have a complete section added like Testimonials or newer technology like YouTube or Social Media like facebook and Twitter.
Client Needs and Preferences
Graphics and Photographs
Social Media
New Sections (client-specific)

 File under: Website Content Website “Refresh” SEO Content SEO Blogs/Articles Landing Pages Branding Strategy Directory Submission New/Custom Websites Press Releases


Network Together

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Optimization means nothing without a personal touch.

I have found that I can help clients achieve number 1 ranking in Google, but it is more than being seen. It is about your personal relationship with your potential client. Too many times, my clients want to oversell their services!

Many clients need a networking group like Network Together.

Network Together is a Social and Business Networking Group. We help members create the opportunities, such as: sharing ideas, contacts, participate in activities, and most importantly, business referrals. As Members get to know each other our collective reach grows… far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.

So what is Network Together? It is the connections! Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promotes the fostering of relationships, that creates community whereby commerce follows. And connections are just the start. We teach people how to communicate about their business, collaborate with other businesses, create community (a safer haven) that leads to commerce.

Network Together pursues the following ideals, leadership comes from within, together we achieve more and support local commerce. We also adhere to the three concepts that most members desire most, 1) they want to be in a place where they can earn, 2) a setting where they can learn and 3) an environment where all members can learn to earn.

When I started InSiteful Solutions as a web design and search engine optimization company, little did I know that there was an even greater need. That need wasn’t more technology, it was more touchology. People aren’t social through social media, they are social by their in person interactions. Yes, technology can expedite connections, but only good service, proper solutions and a great attitude tend to bind those connections.

“Our goal is to create personal relationships. These relationships create community, which in turn promotes local commerce.” – Robert W. Jones

Attracting Clients Through SEO!

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ATTRACT-Search Engine Optimization is a sub-set of a greater and less known construct called search engine connection. SEO is normally the first active step for your business to succeed online! 

Only a short time ago, businesses could succeed online with a DIY (do-it-yourself) web site, relevant keywords and some text. But as the Internet exploded with businesses and visitors, this is no longer remotely enough. To get your business on the desired “first-page” of Google, your need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a “must” for being found.

Certainly it is vital to be a powerful but professional site that IS found than an extravagant site that is never found. The reason is due to the sheer increase in number of competing results. Often above these results can often number more 500,000. With this in mind, only a few can be seen on the “first page.”

Is your website already optimized? You may need addiional help! Move your website closer to the top of search engine results. Check out our Standard Plan or our Premium Plan and get your ad up on Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing® right away.

Improve search engine rankings with keyword and suggested topics tool
Increase traffic to your website with higher rankings
Easy, one-click website submission to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and AOL®
Track progress with Top 10 SEO Checklist and ranking reports

Advertise prominently on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
Increase phone calls, emails & visits
Have a custom ad and Web page created and managed by our pros
Includes a dedicated phone number with call recording
Choose local or general campaigns

Improve the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media channels and communities to generate viral publicity.
Social media optimization includes using RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social media sites and video and blogging sites funneling traffic back to your website or landing page.

Your business needs connections and purchasing lists of potential clients is one way to market your business. Another way is to create a list organically by implementing several tools that InSiteful Solutions can offer and work with you on.

It is time to be one of those sites. Call us InSiteful Solutions, 619 742 1359 or 480 299 0088,

Remember!  “It Doesn’t mean a thing, if your website isn’t seen!”

By InSIteful Solutions

Reliance Floor Care

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Reliance Floor Care is located in Mesa, AZ, but also offers services in Queen Creek, Chandler, Maricopa and Gilbert, AZ.

Bruce Baker is the owner of Reliance Floor Care and he took care of my home, was very respectful and did a very thorough job.

As Bruce states, “For many years I have been in the carpet cleaning business and have built a solid reputation for superb customer satisfaction. Reliance Floor care is committed to providing quality service to the community. We believe that the customer should be treated with the upmost respect and believe in doing a first class job all the time. We are committed to working hard for you.”


So if you are looking for a Carpet Cleaner in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley AZ  areas Contact Bruce today!

Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning – Commercial, Residential Carpet Cleaning – Upholstery Cleaning – RV’s – Boats – Motor Homes – Cars Pet Odor Removal – Tile and Grout Sealing – Call us at (480) 330-5800 today!


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“Creatively securing your financial future”
This is a FREE event!
Speakers start at 6 PM

Network Together Site Launch

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InSiteful Solutions launches new Network Together website!

What is Network Together?

Network Together is one of Arizona’s fastest growing business marketing networking groups. Our  chapters allow members to create the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, participate in activities, and most importantly, business referrals. Being an inclusive, not exclusive group, Network Together is more reflective of its community.

With our new website we will be able to deliver more for our members as we also look to grow our organization online and open up more new chapters.  As the website states, “As we get to know each other our collective reach grows… far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promote the fostering of relationships, that create the community whereby commerce follows.”

For more information go to Network Together or InSiteful Solutions for more information. In San Diego? Go to InSiteful Solutions – SD

Our Queen Creek meetings are held every Thursday of each month from
9:00AM - 10:00AM. MORE at Rhino Caffe

Our Gilbert meetings are held every Thursday of each month from 
11:30AM - 12:30PM. MORE at La Calabria Restaurant

Our San Tan Valley meetings are held every Wednesday of each month from 9:30AM - 10:30PM. MORE at Barro's Pizza

Our Mesa Central meetings are held every Wednesday of each month from 11:30AM - 12:30PM. MORE at Serrano's

Leadership comes from within – Together We Achieve More – Support Local (Buy, Act, Be)

“Our goal is to create personal relationships. These relationships create community, which in turn promotes local commerce.” — Robert W. Jones

We embrace the following aspects:
1) NT takes a group approach to business to business building (that is selling for each other not to each other)
2) More than one member can join NT from any particular industry
3) Focus on public outreach and education through the use of internal show and tells, monthly micro seminars and macro events such as the Network Together Expo
4) WE work with local level not-for-profit organizations to spread awareness of NT and help our Partner Groups raise funds for their causes 5) Keep low annual membership dues – $0.00 dues within first 3 months of Chapter opening, no more than $99 annually thereafter, with no additional charges for attending additional chapters
6) Seek local Chamber and Civic support – offer great networking flexibility through co-op networking arrangements
7) Seek and promote outside speakers of interest to the group
8) Create affiliations and/or partnerships with other Networking Groups
9) Leverage exposure by our weekly meetings, website, blog, social media, viral media marketing and video production for members
10) Have a rotating format, such as: Week A – Mind Masters (a brainstorm on how to help promote each other’s business) Week B – Business 12 (5 minute business promotion by member) Week C – NT Think Tank (a brainstorm on how to promote NT) Week D – Educational Event (power group that train members on a topic)

Come join us today!!!


Network Together Meeting is This Weekend!

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The second Network Together EXPO is almost upon us and we are inviting you to come join us!

The Network Together EXPO will be held at :

Liberty Arts Academy
3015 South Power Road
Mesa, AZ 85212
(480) 830-3444

We will be offering FREE  Gifts !

FREE Raffle!

Samples of FREE Food!

And FREE Admission.

Join us for the exciting demonstrations,  workshops and shopping from local businesses, FREE! Our topics will include the following areas:

Family Communication,  Physical Health, Family Finances, Healthy Minds and Societal Issues

Dr. Irene Lebedies– Certified Family Coach and Intervention Specialist – “How to Find Life  Balance”


Steve Burton – Owner, Advanced Myotherapies –
“The Missing Link In Your Therapy”


Peggy Rahn, RN – Wellness Consultant –
“Feed Your Family Real Food”


Kimberly Bruns– Prepaid Legal Services –
“Steps to Prevent Identity Theft”


Brian McClure– Regional Vice-President at Primerica –
“Marriage & Money”






Mesa Chapter Of Network Together Is Open!

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Hello Mesa!

Network Together is community based marketing organization which just opened its 4th chapter at Serrano’s Restaurant on Power Road just North of US 60. Serrano’s has more than made us feel comfortable at our new home. We had 31 members and guests and of course the food was great.

Network Together is a group where members get together to share ideas, contacts, participate in activities, and most importantly, business referrals. We believe that getting to know each other at a level much deeper than a superficial level allows us to refer to each other and collectively achieve more.

Network Together is the connections! Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promotes the fostering of personal/business relationships.

InSiteful Solutions is a proud partner of Network Together





Network Together Mesa is open for relationships, community and commerce.

Network Together EXPO less than a month away!

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Network Together and Liberty Arts Academy to host Family EXPO

Network Together is hosting its semi-annual EXPO at Liberty Arts Academy in Mesa, AZ. The EXPO’s theme is all things family. The Network Together Family Expo will feature speakers and exhibitors that have come together to share ideas and their knowledge to help families better understand how health, finances, education and security help families live better and feel safer.

Network Together will be raffling gift baskets to attendees, at least 2 an hour. So your family’s chance of winning is pretty good. The raffle is $1 a ticket and goes toward the school to help fund Pre-K through Grade 8 student programs. We have many exhibitors that will entertain, educate and enhance us all.

About Network Together- Network Together is a community based networking organization that hosts EXPOs to foster a sense of community, devoted to topics ranging from general health and wellness to family and finance. These EXPOs allow the citizens of the community come in and meet local business owners at the personal level. The EXPOs help owners present their business to their community thus enhancing their chances of potential business connections in the process.

In addition to these business-building events, the group also promotes monthly seminars, weekly meetings and urges one-on-one meetings, which serve to help the group members get to know one another better. As Robert Jones, Director of Network Together explains,”relationships create community and through community commerce follows. That is what the spirit of the group is all about. ”

To Exhibit-For exhibitors, vendor space is still available at $35 per table for Network together members and $40 per table for non-members. Expo hours are 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM with the first speaker starting at approximately 10:00 AM.

The event is being co-sponsored Today Publications and the Leona Group. To secure space contact Sharlene Trumet at 480-381-9534 . For more information, go to

Network Together EXPO

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Network Together is gearing up for the expo which will be Saturday, October 15th.

InSiteful Solutions is proud to be a part of Network Together and is sponsoring the EXPO. In April we had over 2000 attendees and that was on a rain soaked day.