Network Together Site Launch

InSiteful Solutions launches new Network Together website!

What is Network Together?

Network Together is one of Arizona’s fastest growing business marketing networking groups. Our  chapters allow members to create the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, participate in activities, and most importantly, business referrals. Being an inclusive, not exclusive group, Network Together is more reflective of its community.

With our new website we will be able to deliver more for our members as we also look to grow our organization online and open up more new chapters.  As the website states, “As we get to know each other our collective reach grows… far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promote the fostering of relationships, that create the community whereby commerce follows.”

For more information go to Network Together or InSiteful Solutions for more information. In San Diego? Go to InSiteful Solutions – SD

Our Queen Creek meetings are held every Thursday of each month from
9:00AM - 10:00AM. MORE at Rhino Caffe

Our Gilbert meetings are held every Thursday of each month from 
11:30AM - 12:30PM. MORE at La Calabria Restaurant

Our San Tan Valley meetings are held every Wednesday of each month from 9:30AM - 10:30PM. MORE at Barro's Pizza

Our Mesa Central meetings are held every Wednesday of each month from 11:30AM - 12:30PM. MORE at Serrano's

Leadership comes from within – Together We Achieve More – Support Local (Buy, Act, Be)

“Our goal is to create personal relationships. These relationships create community, which in turn promotes local commerce.” — Robert W. Jones

We embrace the following aspects:
1) NT takes a group approach to business to business building (that is selling for each other not to each other)
2) More than one member can join NT from any particular industry
3) Focus on public outreach and education through the use of internal show and tells, monthly micro seminars and macro events such as the Network Together Expo
4) WE work with local level not-for-profit organizations to spread awareness of NT and help our Partner Groups raise funds for their causes 5) Keep low annual membership dues – $0.00 dues within first 3 months of Chapter opening, no more than $99 annually thereafter, with no additional charges for attending additional chapters
6) Seek local Chamber and Civic support – offer great networking flexibility through co-op networking arrangements
7) Seek and promote outside speakers of interest to the group
8) Create affiliations and/or partnerships with other Networking Groups
9) Leverage exposure by our weekly meetings, website, blog, social media, viral media marketing and video production for members
10) Have a rotating format, such as: Week A – Mind Masters (a brainstorm on how to help promote each other’s business) Week B – Business 12 (5 minute business promotion by member) Week C – NT Think Tank (a brainstorm on how to promote NT) Week D – Educational Event (power group that train members on a topic)

Come join us today!!!


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