Network Together

Optimization means nothing without a personal touch.

I have found that I can help clients achieve number 1 ranking in Google, but it is more than being seen. It is about your personal relationship with your potential client. Too many times, my clients want to oversell their services!

Many clients need a networking group like Network Together.

Network Together is a Social and Business Networking Group. We help members create the opportunities, such as: sharing ideas, contacts, participate in activities, and most importantly, business referrals. As Members get to know each other our collective reach grows… far beyond the circle of influence any one person can achieve on his or her own.

So what is Network Together? It is the connections! Where Networking, Seminars and Social Media promotes the fostering of relationships, that creates community whereby commerce follows. And connections are just the start. We teach people how to communicate about their business, collaborate with other businesses, create community (a safer haven) that leads to commerce.

Network Together pursues the following ideals, leadership comes from within, together we achieve more and support local commerce. We also adhere to the three concepts that most members desire most, 1) they want to be in a place where they can earn, 2) a setting where they can learn and 3) an environment where all members can learn to earn.

When I started InSiteful Solutions as a web design and search engine optimization company, little did I know that there was an even greater need. That need wasn’t more technology, it was more touchology. People aren’t social through social media, they are social by their in person interactions. Yes, technology can expedite connections, but only good service, proper solutions and a great attitude tend to bind those connections.

“Our goal is to create personal relationships. These relationships create community, which in turn promotes local commerce.” – Robert W. Jones

~ by insitefulsolutions4u on February 13, 2014.

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