InSiteful Solutions now offers content writing services for small businesses who want to get big! These businesses most include an organic Search optimization plan within their overall marketing plan. “You can never make or re-make a first impression.” That’s why it is so important for you to consider professional content writing for your main pages. For small businesses this is usually 6-8 pages such as the Home Page plus Services (specializes), Pricing, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, Blog or similar with optimally 500- 600 words a page, key word rich.

Website Content
Flawless and professional content is a basic must to be found in Google. It becomes the basis on which you are not only found, but reviewed and hopefully re-trained for services or products. This content is critical for being “found” by Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines for rankings. At InSiteful Solutions, we know you want to reach Page One of Google.
–Custom writing based and created together with your personal affect for business (traditional, high-end, hometown friendly, service, freshness)
–Language that is professional, factual and grammatically suitable for your digital business
–We listen to your ideas and pitch them to your industry

SEO Content
If you don’t already know, you will eventually find out that precise, deliberate content writing is a persistent need in order to be “found” by Google and for continued spikes in ranking that lead your website to the top. Good organics such as writing is not a quick  fix, but will help your business over time achieve your higher results.

Let our team run, assess, analyze, revise, test, recommend and report findings, progress and leave your site Search Engine optimized. We will prove it.

Keyword Research and Analysis
Back-end SEO Integration
Design Refresh
Optimization of Blog—including installation of proper plugins
Revision of existing web copy, including conversion optimization

SEO Blogs ( SEO Article)
Want to easily drive more traffic to your website? One of the best ways is to use what Google considers “new”, “fresh”, and “unique”. That means your articles preferable need to be original, creative prose. Don’t like writing much? Get a professional writer.
Interview of Client Needs
Review Suggestions
Prepare Articles
Load onto Website

Landing Pages
Shoppers don’t always land on your home page or know about your specific website, especially if they use pay per click advertising. They must do a general word or terminology search or search by need and locale. That’s why your Landing Page must grab their attention quickly and favorably…and so you surely know that browsers really do “judge a book by its cover.” End their search with your Landing Page.
“Look at Me” Landing Pages
Deliberate SEO keywords and repetition
Custom Writing
Visual Impact—favorable and attractive
Tailored Scope and Scale

Branding Strategy
Products, Services, Business professionals and more need to promote through branding. Branding gets your noticed, sets you apart from the rest and needs to be memorable. This requires an up-front sense of distinctness by the business owner and web company team to deliver the inventory array destined for buyer loyalty.
Business Concept Integration
Logo Design—original or re-design
Artwork and Clip Art
Stationery and Accessories

Directory Submission
On-line Directories Accessed
Increased Back-links

NEW Websites (“Start-from-Scratch”)
Getting Acquainted—You, your business, the industry, Our Team
SEO Keyword Research
Back-End Optimization
Research and Writing
Social Media
SEO Rankings Reports (longtitudinal)

Press Releases
Is your business or practice ready to release big news, promote a new service, product, or division; announce new personnel, send an advertisement or coupon; sponsor an event? Try a Press Release that will spead the information far and wide including print media, emarketing, chamber of commerce, B2B, networking and facebook. Suitable for authors and editors who may wish to print in their blogs, newsletters, columns.
Information Gathering
Writing, Editing, Style

Website “Refresh”
Website “Refresh”
Maybe your current website simply needs to be refreshed through an update of copy content or facts, graphics, pictures, or have a complete section added like Testimonials or newer technology like YouTube or Social Media like facebook and Twitter.
Client Needs and Preferences
Graphics and Photographs
Social Media
New Sections (client-specific)

 File under: Website Content Website “Refresh” SEO Content SEO Blogs/Articles Landing Pages Branding Strategy Directory Submission New/Custom Websites Press Releases


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