Don’t Forget Branding Yourself With Social Media And The SEO Equation!

Why Social Media Fits Into The SEO Equation!

With all the talk about social media I wanted to talk about why Social Media Outlets are so valuable to the SEO Equation. What is the SEO equation? The hidden formula that has been developed, and is ever changing, you know, or now you know, the one that gets your website organically ranked!

 Todd Malicoat a noted Internet Expert states that “Social media is an integral portion of a successful SEO campaign in the current landscape.” His reasoning is that social media helps with the user in their creation of a global linking campaign. Together a collection of links with articles attached is very attractive to achieving high rankings. Articles that have valuable content are even more attractive and end up as a part of other social outlets creating an impactful synergy.

We at InSiteful Solutions, advocate using social media as a way to personally brand yourself as the expert of what you do and your company as the conduit of your user’s goals in the fields that they are interested in. That is, your content is you in the user’s eyes. It is great to promote a product, advocate a service, or even become a content delivery portal, but in the end what you want the most is attention.

That is why experts like Joe Whyte state that,the best social media marketing tactics …fit into your online marketing campaigns would be researching (those) you need to target then cross reference that criterion against the different social sites in order to quantify for yourself and your client that you are targeting the right sites.” Okay, so what he is really saying is, make your social sites the “voice of attraction” for you money sites. Thus your message is retained and favored by your users who can reap a return on investment and bookmark your content for reference as well as possible future sales.

So by creating a niched socialized networking hub you can create a personal message (through design, content and image) and also brand awareness. Again, attention to you and your company or companies is the goal with specific engagement such as sales or market awareness.


Joe Griffin another noted Internet expert on socialized marketing states that ”… simply building profiles and linking to your site won’t help. If you’re interested in leveraging social media portals to improve your website’s rankings, then you need to look at the strategy in a completely different light.” First and foremost, participating in the social web means (here it is again!) building brand recognition, which can be used for your personal brand, your business brand, or both. It’s the brand recognition that leads to improved linking to your website – it’s not the social media websites themselves that will give your website link popularity. The inbound links will come from bloggers, forum moderators and users, resource websites, and new friends and colleagues that you will meet along the way.”

InSiteful Solutions will help you AND your company achieve your social networks goals, by helping you build or modify your brand and help you distribute your product and message. Contact us today!

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