Growing Your Not-for-Profit Organization (part 1)

IT and Web Services Can Help You Grow Your Organization Faster and with Less Risk

Information Technology and Web-based systems play a critical role in all growth strategies of a not-for-profit organization, from helping to achieve results to coping with the expanded scale of the organization to establishing an online donation system to online scheduling of services.

Technology provides the most impact by:

Enabling more efficient and effective internal communication flow

Providing public and private access

Creating better collaboration between organization and constituents

Extending outreach with greater control and exposure

Promoting internal  knowledge sharing between employees, volunteers and potential donors


Your Constituents

A “constituent” refers to ALL people with some relationship to the organization — donors, funders, volunteers, clients and all other people who help an organization to achieve its mission or are benefactors of the mission. “Enhancing the constituent relationship” can mean increasing donation amounts and frequency, volunteering, event attendance, client and supporter satisfaction, or other activities that further the impact of an organization’s mission.


 Website Goals – A collaboration between YOU and InSiteful Solutions

Most organizations that InSiteful Solutions works with have ambitions to grow beyond their current size in terms of reach and operational scale. That starts with a brand-oriented website, which will help capture a wider demographic (one that uses the Internet), help to increase your number of funders and your effectiveness in attracting and retaining and tracking new donors and volunteers.

Your target constituents need to be aware of your services, and you can increase this awareness through a variety of marketing methods and campaigns where your website will act as hub.

Websites can act as a robust and accessible store of information that concerns your constituents and the services they access and/or provide for your organization. This information needs to be securely stored and yet accessible to those who need it. This may include not only people in your office, but also field workers who are traveling or executives accessing information from home outside regular business hours.

Shared-hosting accounts are great for sharing information with a bit of control, but web-based servers are perfect for this storage of information and necessary communication 24/7 and we keep up with the software technology and hardware components for you. That is, InSiteful Solutions provides services that can help you grow your organization faster and with less risk and helps with training, as technology is always evolving.

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