Growing Your Not-for-Profit Organization (part 2)

CMS (Content Management Software) the main component of Constituent Relationship Management

Many times organizations have problems managing and directing the information flow necessary to employees, donors, supporters, members, volunteers, and providing an outlet to find new constituents? InSiteful Solutions helps to provide constituent relationship management by providing robust CMS.

 Most organizations struggle with the volume of information they’d like to obtain, track, and relay with the number of methods they use to organize it and many times usually they don’t. Most likely individuals within organizations don’t know where the most current contact information is for individuals, businesses and other outreach, where to locate the current donation pick-up schedule, or when the dates and times are of the next “big” event (i. e. fundraiser), to name a few,  sits on a day-to-day basis.

The challenge of consolidating marketing, promotional and scheduling data into one place can be a daunting one. CRM – Constituent Relationship Management – is the set of processes and supporting technologies used to acquire, retain, and enhance constituent relationships by providing a web-based platform through a website that allows staff members of an organization add/modify/delete much of this information, in –real-time, through their website.

Every not-for-profit manages the marketing of their relationships with constituents, whether through a sophisticated tool or through scraps of paper, Excel spreadsheets, and miscellaneous databases. But none work as well as a web-based CMS manager.


Servicing Your Constituents

Every not-for-profit has to focus on the cost elements of their operation and for ways to do more with less. The cost of employee wages and benefits is typically the largest expense line item in any not-for-profit’s budget. The locating and communicating of information also tends to be a bottleneck where productive time is lost.

The use of a website to automate processes and provide secure anywhere access to information increases productivity and employee and resource efficiency. That impact is increasingly seen in the not-for-profit sector, where technology has allowed small organizations to expand their service offerings, reach more constituents and to reduce their costs.


Coping with Changes

Technology plays a major role within a not-for-profit when major change occurs. This can be when there is a need to move to new office space to cope with expansion, the opening of a new office or a merge with another organization, or even promoting upcoming special events and fund raisers. In times like these, it pays to have a robust online solutions to help.

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