InSiteful Solutions’ Services

InSiteful Solutions offers the following services and more. I’ve included this page for my clients who want to know a little more about these services and may have question about those services. THe pricing of these services vary from time to time.

1)      Domain Name,  $10 per domain and includes Domain Name Server Service included

Domain names are often valuable, and have particular characteristics that are that are short, memorable, and may contain words that are regularly searched on search engines, and/or keywords that help the domain name gain a higher ranking on search engines. They may contain generic words, so the domain has more than one meaning.  A Domain Name Server maintains the domain namespace and provides translation to a company’s website location.


2)      Hosting, $249 per year – includes hosting

An Internet hosting service allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. InSiteful Solutions lease and maintains accounts with 3 separate data centers.


3)      Design, $1600 includes Logo, Website  Interface Design, Website header / footer for site pages

Our design is created at a commercial quality level thereby maintaining design integrity through most all forms of online and off line media. That is, unlike most web designers, we create website skins that can also be re-rendered in the collateral medium.


4)      Programming, $800 Includes an 8 page deployment in HTML and PHP programming with one email to contact form (additional pages, $49)

We use hand coded web development environments that limit on page bloat. That is, clean code that allows your website to be found by the search engines.


5)      Content Cataloging, $200 images, text and video to the web pages of the website.

Content cataloging is the actual introduction of web content into the pages of the website.


6)      On-page SEO integration ,  $600

We employ SEO web design which is easy to use and search friendly to both human users and robotic browsers. Easy navigational access can be done by making the pages of the site easy to navigate to and having easy to understand and use button or labels to click on. We employ White Hat techniques, including proper use of “Meta Data” integration. 


7)      WEB 2.0 – Blogs Marketing Setup, $450

“Web 2.0” refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. We recommend Web 2.0 social-networking sites, Word Press, Blogger, and Technorati.


 8)      Links Campaign Strategy – includes additional page and introduction of up-to 12 links, $300

Link campaigns are a form of online marketing and SEO. We use this strategy to help a business increase the number of visitors to its web site. This is done by linking to strategic partners, professional organizations, chambers of commerce, suppliers, and customers by adding links from their web sites. A link campaign may involve mutual links back and forth between related sites, but it doesn’t have to require the reciprocation of links.


 9)      Bookmarks Widget, $75 – website integration

Bookmark widgets help website owners spread their content across the web by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations. This tool extends your websites reach among the Internet community.


10)   Online Newsletter, $1000 – includes setup and theme

Online newsletters called e-Newsletters have gained rapid acceptance for businesses, especially companies, to provide information of interest to their members, customers and/or employees. Sending newsletters to customers and prospects is a common marketing strategy and works even if they aren’t read; the purpose is that your brand remains in constant contact with your clients even if it is only in the subject line of the email.


 11)   Autoresponder System, $2000 – includes setup and theme

Autoresponders take care of the majority of the work when it comes to get information out to clients on your email list AND they do it automatically and nearly instantly. Some key uses are direct low-cost promotion to prospective customers, as a way to provide multiple messages to clients – especially to buy a product or use a service, reminders-to as a response to online or traditional marketing campaigns and as a way to provide a systematic announcement media.


12)   CMS (Content Management System), $1000 up-to 20 pages

A CMS makes it easier for businesses and organizations to create, edit, delete and publish content on a website. Historically, website publishing has required significant technical skills (HTML, PHP programming, or a good Webmaster). InSiteful Solutions offers a CMS that allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish their content and is flat-file based, making for an Search Engine Friendly website.

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