InSiteful Solutions adds video services!

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Hi Gilbert, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley! We want to let you know that we are now offering video filming, editing and production services for clients looking to make a viral marketing splash. We also, offer closed captioning services for clients which also helps with being found online and in You Tube!

Take a look at two takes on our most recent production!

Cool little place in Ranch Bernardo

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Hi Everyone I found this really neat place on Loop Net is San Diego. You chould check it out!

A great income property available!

San Diego Trip

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Starting the week off right with a trip over to my first client Western Commercial Real Estate Brokerage which is right in the heart of San Diego. A beautiful neighborhood in Hillcrest is where the owner’s office sits. After that I will be heading over to another client in Little Italy. A master videographer who owns Guidi Films.

Later today I will be making some business calls and touring with my friend who is location challenend and has some errands to run. San Diego is where I started my company, InSiteful Solutions, and is where I want to continue to grow it, although now much of my business comes in from Arizona.

When giving from the heart needs help!

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InSiteful Solutions is proud to work with At Home Solutions a care giver organization that helps families in need of helping family members.

Queen Creek Senior Home Care (homecaregivers) is a divsion of At Home Solutions and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients. Families looking for caregivers that will help you or a loved one stay at home despite the challenges of aging, a long-term disability, or serious injury. Queen Creek Senior Home Care hopes you will take a moment to learn how the providers of At Home Solutions can help.

Queen Creek Senior Home Care provides the quality personal care that makes it possible for patients to live at home where they are most comfortable and where they can maintain the highest level of independence. The Queen Creek office provides caregiver services proving full-spectrum of companion home care services ranging from light housekeeping and meal preparation to walking assistance and bathing or personal care.

Multiple care options can be choosed from and are provided for seniors, elderly and disabled in the  Queen Creek and San Tan Valley areas of Arizona.  Queen Creek Senior Home Care provides home care services that help seniors and disabled adults live independently at home.  They also offer support for family caregivers and personal response systems. Please contact this client of InSiteful Solutions today

Queen Creek Senior Home Care is located at:

22731 S. Ellsworth, Bldg A Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Phone: 480-289-4900 Fax: 480-393-4280

It doesn’t mean a thing….

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If your website isn’t seen!

InSiteful Solutions- San Diego and Phoenix Search Engine Optimization, SEO

SEO is normally the first active step for your business to succeed online, but remember, it is only the first step, in the course of many!

Only a short time ago, businesses could succeed online with a DIY (do-it-yourself) web site, relevant keywords and some text. But as the Internet exploded with businesses and visitors, this is no longer remotely enough. To get your business on the desired “first-page” of Google, your need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a “first step” for being found.

Certainly it is vital to have a powerful and professional website, but it IS more important to be found than have an extravagant site that is never found. The reason is due to the sheer increase in number of competing results. Often above these results can often number more 500,000. With this in mind, only a few can be seen on the “first page.” It is time for your website to be one of those sites. Contact us, 619 742 1359 or 480 299 0088,

Remember!  “It Doesn’t mean a thing, if your website isn’t seen!”

The Curious Case Of Websites

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Websites seem to be getting a bad rap. Almost like they don’t matter anymore. Well my thinking is that they do matter, and they are well worth investing in, above even dare I say this social media. What I like about websites is that they offer full control of the content that you want to display. And, they offer tools that can be updated and often are the central hub in all things social, offline and blasted – ie texts.

Google seems to love blogs, but I have found that Google still likes changes periodically on websites more that adding content to my blogs. It may seem almost minimal at times, but noticeable enough to mention. It is also worth mentioning that if there is a 10% difference, yet multiplied by many websites, that little difference can add up to being a big difference in search engine results.

Another reason that I like websites, especially optimized one,s is that they are a constant in regards to people’s needs. I like to search for what I want, when I want and I don’t have the patience or the desire to troll through my social media to find a plumber, landscaper, dentist or chiropractor. My desire is to compare and contrast what I am looking for through Google or Bing and then, maybe then will I look for social media to enforce my choice.

Websites are also a good gage as to how long a company has been a legitimate player in the web world. That is, I love Word Press, but really, should my whole business presence be based upon a tool that offers no barrier to entry, and has no real claim to web-based longevity. Websites also act more as a real online virtual store presence than a blog, yet when you marry the two, wow, you get a match that is made in SEO heaven.

So yes websites have taken a beating, but let’s not throw them to the curb just yet. They are the long-standing tried and true mechanism that still holds the web together like glue and if done in a very text file way – some will know what I mean – websites are the follow, index, archive documents that Google loves to store.  So here’s to websites. We should probably keep them for another year or two before the next big thing comes along to take their place.

Network Together Expo

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With the help of  Network Together and InSiteful Solutions, the Network Together Expo went extremely well for the exhibitors, sponsors and visitors who came. Although there was an early to late morning deluge of rain, the day went on and we easily surpassed 1000 visitors for the day. Many exhibitors stated that they produced much, much more than they thought that they would considering the rain and the cold.

The committee of Robert W Jones, Sharlene Trumet, Kathi ISmael, Stacy Duprey-Purper and Dr. Wayne Christensen were honored to lead so many wonderful people. With such a splash, the committee will be deciding if this will be a twice a year event and look to add social media to the mix the next go round.




Queen Creek Horse Expo and Network Together Expo

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InSiteful Solution is proud to work with The Queen Creek Horse Expo and sponsor the Network Together Health Expo, exciting events that treat the whole family.

The Queen Creek Expo shoes at Queen Creek Horseshoe Park – specialists of transforming the equine mind will meet to share ideas and their knowledge to help you better understand your horse. Join us for exciting demonstrations and shopping from local vendors. Expo hours are normally 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the first demo starting at 9:00 a.m. This EXPO is highlighted by Brandi Lyons and Logan Leach.

The Network Together Health, Wellness and Beauty Expo is being held at The Barney Family Sports Complex in Queen Creek, Arizona – Our speakers, sponsors and exhibitors have come together to share ideas and their knowledge to help you better understand your body, mind and spirit. Join us for the exciting demonstrations, workshops and shopping from local vendors. Our topics will include, but not limited to the following areas: Family Communication, Physical Health, Finances, Healthy Minds and Society.

Our speaker line-up is as follows:

9:30 Bryan McClure- Regional Vice-President Primerica
Strengthing Your Financial House

Ritch Steven 10:30 Ritch Steven- AARP Arizona Advocacy Network Chair
The New Government Health Care Bill

Irene12:30 Irene Lebedies- Certified Family Coach and Intervention Specialist
Family Communication

Dr Berkner1:30 Dr. Kris Berkner- Naturopathic Physician
Burn Prevention

Dr Val2:30 Dr. Valencia Stephens-MD, FACOG Sharzad Green-Pharm.D
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Amy3:30 Amy Harrolle- Office Manager 1st Gentle Dentistry
Green Dentistry

We look forward to seeing you!

Network Together Expo

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InSiteful Solutions is proud to bring the South East Valley of Phoenix the Network Together Expo. The Network Together Expo brings together professionals from the Health, Wellness and Beauty Industries.

The Network Together Health, Wellness and Beauty Expo will be held at The Barney Family Sports Complex in Queen Creek, Arizona – Our speakers and exhibitors have come together to share ideas and their knowledge to help you better understand your body, mind and spirit. Join us for the exciting demonstrations, workshops and shopping from local vendors. Our topics will include, but not limited to the following areas:
Family CommunicationPhysical HealthFinancesSocietyMinds
Vendors are welcome to contact us at 480-299-0088. Spaces are limited and going quickly, please contact us today.
Expo hours begin at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with the first demo starting at 10:00 AM
For more information concerning the location please refer to the information below.
Barney Family Sports Complex
22050 East Queen Creek Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85142-9802
(480) 677-2372
For more details, visit us at

Brought to you by InSiteful Solutions and Network Together!!!

New Site Launch

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InSiteful Solutions launches new website.

We have launched a new website for the Gilbert area at

InSiteful Solutions is a personal, professional online exposure company located in San Diego, CA and Queen Creek, AZ and is conveniently located to clients in Gilbert, AZ. InSiteful Solutions offers Domain Names, Hosting, Website and Graphic Design, SEO Techniques, Branding, Domain Purchase and E-commerce Solutions. We have several web based niche level websites for your business.

Call us, 480 299 0088 or 480 245 6464, we have clients located throughout the San Diego area, such as La Mesa, Chula Vista, El Cajon and Encinitas. InSiteful Solutions also has clients throughout Maricopa County, in cities such as Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe, AZ We help you affordably create the right design and SEO reach for your company. We have also open a West Valley office in Litchfield Park, AZ. Give a shout to us at 623-466-0725.