Write 4 Rankings!

I have been a small business web developer for about 10 years and I feel that I have done as much for on page optimization as I can possibly stomach. After using what seems to be every trick in the book, I felt there must be more to achieving organic rankings than programming alone. I have taken a few classes online and have purchased a few books, but now I have found that “Golden Ticket.”


So before you give up think about what your website represents to you, your users and a potential market – that includes everyone that boots up a computer and gets online. Once you start to identify what their needs are then you can begin to start sending these often insatiable informationiacs to you. And what these potentials need are, you guessed it, information. Information for what, well that’s what you provided once you defined their need.


In one of my classes, the instructors promoted the idea of social media to attract, engage and maintain an audience. One of the best ways to attract this audience is with using article marketing using social media such as blogs as you conduit. Well blogs can be quick provide content and can be easily accessible to you and your audience, but do these articles provide another element, quality?  Really, it is the quality that distinquishes a post from an article. So what is article marketing, exactly???


Article marketing is the process of writing and submitting original content to article directories such as blog. Submitting articles is not a new concept. Marketers have been publishing articles to attract an audience for years mainly utilizing in newsletters, magazines, publications  and more recently infomercials to gain exposure for their businesses.


BIG IDEA – with the Internet today – do more than write articles, edit articles for others and post them on your website, invited guess columnists to your blog, revise your postings over time and invite comments and interaction concerning are articles.


Traditionally, the process of article marketing starts by submitting an article to an editor. If the content is suitable, the editor publishes the article, and the marketer gets some exposure. The process is then repeated with as many publications as possible. Playing the numbers – In theory, if each publication brings just one customer, then a hundred publications may bring a hundred customers. Replication of article and content through multiple sources has historically delivered the desired results. In today’s terms, your publications are directories!


A WORD OF CAUTION – most directories don’t allow you to include links in your article body. So keep them to your author signature.


You as the article writer/publisher can reap astonishing results, by using blogs and directories. Once a directory publishes an article, the website directory will experience an immediate surge in traffic. This traffic comes from the subscribed readers. Of course these subscribers come from what else, content! After that, traffic settles down a little. Once your article becomes indexed within the search engines you will receive a constant stream of traffic from the indexed articles.

There is a hidden advantage of directories over blogs. The links in the articles that you write and that are accepted by a directory will give you a search rankings boost for your website. Why??? When someone writes and submits a published article it carries at least two links, pointing back to the author website. This means unlike a blog, the author website gets high quality back links from well established authority sites whenever an article is approved for publication.


From just posting to writing for rankings – how to prepare your articles for directory submission.


Writing articles can take up a lot of time, but submitting articles can also take up a lot of time. So in my next post I will follow-up with  some areas that you would want to be sure to include when seeking the highest rate of approval from editors.

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